Further reading from Robin D Leach:





Kenilworth’s Railway Age (1985)


The complete story from early plans to the station’s demolition, including industrial usage and some aspects of how the town developed due the railway’s arrival.


“Every aspect of the story is told in fascinating detail, and the author describes how the railway’s arrival had a profound effect on the development of the town itself. Kenilworth nowadays can only watch the trains go by but its railway memories survive and are brought vividly to life in the pages of this well-documented and illustrated book.”

Warwickshire and Worcestershire Life, March 1986.


92 A5 pp including 12 pages of illustrations

(Out of print, occasional second hand copies available from the publishers)


Please note that a small quantity of unused copies has been found and are

available from the Odibourne Press (see link below) and

 Kenilworth Books in Talisman Square


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Kenilworth’s Engineering Age (1995)


The rise of engineering firms as they replaced established industries such as brick-making and animal skin processing. Of particular note are their origins in stables, outbuildings and sheds and the subsequent transition to purpose-built industrial estates. Industrial decline since publication adds to the interest.


“When Robin Leach writes a history of something, he really writes the history of it. Stones are not left unturned. Robin Leach’s writing is sound and fluent, and his diligent research is certain to inform. If, perhaps, the subject of his second book is slightly less evocative than the first, Kenilworth’s Engineering Age still has much to recommend for anyone with a sense of local history”

Kenilworth Weekly News, February 1995 


“Readers....will revel in a recently published book by historian Robin Leach on Kenilworth's industry. Fascinating stories of achievement, moments of surprise...household names in light engineering spring from each and every page. Mr Leach describes well the town’s transition from traditional industry...to a centre of light engineering and fabrication excellence.”

Coventry Evening Telegraph, 11th February 1995


64 A5 pp including 20 illustrations. £3.95.



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Rails to Kenilworth and Milverton (1999)


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more detailed look at the origins and early days of Kenilworth’s branch-line, the 150th

anniversary celebrations, rail-workers reminiscences, newspaper reports of incidents and a

 detailed account of the origins of the rail system of Leamington and Warwick to which the branch was joined.


88 A4 pp including 50 illustrations and 3 layout plans. £7.95.


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